The Gray Havens

The Gray Havens

The Gray Havens

Crystal Lake, IL

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Josh Garrels, Andrew Peterson, Gungor, Jenny and Tyler, Judah and the Lion

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Many musical artists crossover into other mediums, drawing inspiration from one creative form and appropriating it for another. What differentiates the husband & wife duo of The Gray Havens from other artists is how effortlessly they blend fantasy story, lyric poetry, theology and song to produce a sublime narrative-folk-pop. Dave & Licia Radford’s richly textured compositions and unexpected, imaginative lyrics create a listening experience similar to paging through your favorite book.

Fire And Stone is the fruit of collaboration, helmed in the studio by GRAMMY® Award-winning Mitch Dane (Brandon Heath, JJ Heller) and includes contributions from Stephen Mason (Jars of Clay) and Tyler Somers (Jenny & Tyler), among others. Featuring 10 songs written or co-written by the Radfords, the album is an exuberant and hopeful declaration, the songs conveying a common theme of joy and its counterfeits. As a performing entity, The Gray Havens have what might be dubbed a “short, cute history,” but the stories that led them to this point go back much further. While still in high school, Dave auditioned for American Idol in his hometown of Chicago. He performed a crooning cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Winds” that got his foot in the door, but it was a vocal-chord-scorching tribute to Louis Armstrong that landed him in the show’s Top 20. With the arrival of Fire And Stone, The Gray Havens fill a unique niche for listeners who desire music that communicates truth wrapped in compelling metaphor and narrative. Two gifted individuals whose lives have been made richer by consummate storytellers and traffickers of truth, Dave and Licia Radford are together savoring the unfolding journey of being able to share their own stories with a waiting world.