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The Band of Heathens

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The Band of Heathens

Rock : Soul

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The Black Crows, Grateful Dead, Wilco, Dawes, Ryan Adams


Austin, TX

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Since emerging as a favorite new live band out of Austin TX in the late 2000s, the Band  of Heathens has toured relentlessly, building a devoted following and landing on some  of the finest stages in music. Over three studio albums and hundreds of shows each  year, they’ve evolved as a group and broadened their sound. Their most recent studio album  Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster’s Son spiked the already potent punch with a dash of  jammy psychedelia. And the rich and righteous vocal harmonies that set TBoH apart  from the beginning have just gotten better.   In March 2012, the band is releasing a four-disc, two-volume, live DVD set called the  Double Down - Live in Denver (Vol. 1 & 2). Both volumes of the live DVD/CD set were recorded over two  nights in October 2011 at Denver’s Cervantes’ Other Side. It features the band’s live  variations and extensions of original material mostly from their last two studio albums. 

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