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Lonely Blue Recordings

Blues : Americana

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patty griffin, buddy and julie miller, the rolling stones, robert plant, tom waits


lost angels

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Devon Pangle (John Fogerty, Beta Wolf) and Nick Page (BB King, The Darkness) decided to write some ditties together whilst Devon was on a break from Fogerty whilst being an indemand guitarist on the LA studio scene. Ideas flowed quick and fast, we would then give Rachael a basic idea of what the idea of the song was and then she wrote lyrics and more melodies. We all played and John came in to add his usual amazing groove. Then we thought wouldn't it be great if Rachael sung a verse as well. We all thought it sounded pretty "grown up" and nods to all our influences and pulling from our eclectic backgrounds...so without further ado.. Ladies and Gentlemen may we proudly present TRAGIC CASE

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