Streets Of Rome

Fifty Years Before The Mast

Streets Of Rome

Fifty Years Before The Mast

Streets Of Rome

Alternative : Gospel

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Train, MercyMe, Switchfoot, Lady Antebellum, Matt Maher


Sonoma County, California

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Fifty Years Before The Mast is the first EP/CD from Streets Of Rome, a faith-based singer-songwriter band from Sonoma County, California, USA. For lyrics and more music visit . Available on iTunes as album and single song purchases.

This NoiseTrade song "Derechos Humanos / Let Me Be Born" is a modern-day statement of human rights - celebrating the most fundamental of all rights - the right to be born. Words and music: Edward Patrick Mooney, copyright 2013. Recorded at Room With A View Studios, Petaluma, California. Jamie Bridges, audio engineer.

Proceeds from listener donations will help us bring our faith-based music ministry to wider audiences worldwide.