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Strawberry Runners is a vibrant and group of indie rockers based in Denver, CO. This female-fronted troupe weaves catchy tunes and thoughtful instrumentation through the evocative vocal melodies of songwriter Emi Night. Her powerful and poignant lyrics conjure detailed portraitures of her experience growing up in a small town in the Ohio River Valley. She often tackles issues of family trauma and abuse. Her willingness to share these dark and deeply personal experiences, transforming them into defiant and poetic moments of growth, is contagious and draws listeners deeper as they find themselves reflected in her innately human stories. However, you might not catch the captivating authenticity and vulnerability found in the lyrics at first listen because, at heart Strawberry Runners are suckers for sick pop tunes, and hooky melodies.

Emi has been writing songs and playing instruments since she was 7 years old. She grew up listening to her parents old Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Woody Guthrie records, singing church hymns. Emi found her way into the DIY punk music scene in Bloomington, Indiana, where she played shows with Saintseneca, Busman's Holiday, Madeline Adams, Defiance, Ohio, Paul Baribeau, The Music Tapes, and Nana Grizol. In Bloomington, she honed in on certain aspects of her writing style - integrating the melodic and storytelling influences of her childhood. Among those bands already listed, some of her current musical influences are Mirah, Belle and Sebastian, Guided by Voices, and The Mountain Goats.

All of the members also play or have played in other bands including Mega Gem, Hair Cult, Cardboard Cities Collective, Summer Salt, and Princess City.