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In Hungary Gyorgy Turoczy aka mortum found himself addicted to analog modular synthesizers so he decided to launch a project which deals with drones and noises in 1997. After several tape recordings in 1999 he realized that he could create more sophisticated and interesting soundscapes if he add field recordings and sampler workings to the analog noise carpets. In 2001 Stone Wired had been already released 2 demo CD-r albums and gained some respect and name in the Hungarian underground Noise and more preferably Death Industrial scene. Two years later in 2003 one man called D-mon from United States joined the project. For the first years they worked separately sending each other their part of the songs via the internet. At first it seemed it was really hard to collaborate from a significant distance but they still could manage to release the project most claimed album, Proto-Culture. The founder of Stone Wired mortum finally moved to the States and the Death Nightmare took its rampage on the world !