Stein Halvorsen : brighter and brighter (acoustic demos)

brighter and brighter (acoustic demos)

Stein Halvorsen

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A few acoustic demos from my upcoming album "brighter and brighter". Consider it a personal living-room concert.

The Beauties of Sodom: This song narrates the story of Lot and his family leaving Sodom, and speaks to the fact that grace is in the context of judgment. This makes grace valuable to us, seeing that we actually need it.

Face to Face: We can fake a relationship to a certain extent if there's distance involved. When you meet face to face, you've got to deal with the situation and open up. With God, this happens in prayer. If we open up and see Him for who He is, all we long for is the day when He returns and we see our Friend descending from the sky.

Judas: His story serves as a warning to all who have received sacred trusts, and it would be well for us to consider the manner in which Jesus dealt with his betrayer. "Friend... Why have you come?"

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