Slowly Rolling Camera : DREAM A LIFE (Slowly Rolling Camea)

DREAM A LIFE (Slowly Rolling Camea)

Slowly Rolling Camera

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Slowly Rolling Camera

Jazz : Alternative

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Due to an overwhelming interest from people wanting to hear some music, we've decided to release a demo track we've been working on called 'Dream A Life'. We're so excited to share this music with you, even though we'll be recording the album in April when everything is going to sound a whole lot better!! Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular video uploads throughout recording session. We hope you enjoy it! Deri, El, Dave & Di x credits released 14 March 2013 DAVE STAPLETON keyboards / composer DIONNE BENNETT vocals / lyrics CHRIS MONTAGUE guitars VICTORIA STAPLETON violin JASPER HOIBY double bass DERI ROBERTS sound design ELLIOT BENNETT drums Drums recorded by Deri Roberts Double bass recorded by Dave Stapleton Mixed and mastered by Deri Roberts Record Label: Edition Records

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