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Dj Ro had the opportunity to get a one on one exclusive with upcoming recording artist Silent Angel. Make sure you be sure to check below to read up on the exclusive.

1. What inspired you to want to be an artist?

What inspired me to be an artist is all the pain I have experienced in my life. I have been through heartaches, disappointments, and let downs. To sum it up I have been hurt and betrayed a lot, so that's where my music comes from. I just want to tell my story, you never know who you may help in the longrun.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I honestly have a lot of inspirations, but if I had to choose one I would have to say Chris Brown. His music just speaks to me because I can relate in a lot of ways. Not only that but he is talented in everyway; he can sing, rap, dance, play ball, draw and paint. It's like what can't he do? Chris Brown is a legend and I hope I can be half as good of an artist as he is.

3. Where were you born and raised?

. I was born in Philadelphia but raised in Delaware.

4. What has been your biggest fear coming into the music industry?

My biggest fear would probably be not being able to express myself in a way people understand because I am very misunderstood. I just want to make sure my audience gets the positive message that I am trying to get across.

5. If there was one person in the industry who you could shadow, whowould it be and why?

Before I became an artist, I was and still am a dj. I got into the dj world because I want to learn how to make and produce beats. So with that being said the person I would like to shadow is Dj Khaled. When it comes to making beats and producing records he is a genius, and I would love to learn a lot from someone like him.

6. What do you feel the music industry is lacking?

I feel the music industry is lacking a lot of realness. There's too much fake storytelling nowadays. There's really no story at all if you really think about it. Everybody raps about the same thing just with a different beat. There's also no individuality. You gotta stay true to who you are.

7. Tell me about your latest single?

. I'm in the middle of working on my EP. I have a few more songs to lay down in the studio and then it will be complete. I want my first sample of who I am to be perfect. I am going to end up releasing a couple singles. One of my favorite songs I have is called "Sippin On You." I love that song because is instantly fell in love with the beat, that was probably the best thing I've ever written.

8. Any upcoming projects?

. Projects, projects... well I recently performed at an open mic on March 29th. That was my first performance ever. I am actually about to shoot my video for my single "Sipping On You". I still need a leading lady so if anyone is willing all you have you to do is hit me on instagram. I've just been working and recording a lot. Trying to get as much music out to my fans that I can so I don't keep them waiting.

9. What area do you feel you should market more?

. When it comes to social media I may need as little more work with my marketing skills. I am always uncertain of whether or not I am posting too much or not enough.

10.How did you come up with this single/project?

Any inspirations?

I came up with this single "Goin Off" simply by observing people. There are a lot of haters out there and when I recorded this song I just wanted to let people know that I know you're hating but that won't stop me. Sometimes people try to joke around and say they don't mean the things they say but when it comes to someone's sexual orientation I believe that, that statement is not true. People are going to feel how they feel regardless of what you say. This song just helped express that I don't care what people think about me or how they feel. My other single "Sippin on You" was inspired by the beat. Once I heard it I instantly fell in love with it. Shout out to Beatconnexx for that one!

11.What does your stage name mean?

My stage name is pretty much an oxymoron. I made it that way because Angel is more laid back and chill and more reserved, but Silent Angel the artist is the opposite this is where I come out of my shell a little bit and become more confident and let the music take over. And once the music takes over it just takes over.

12. Have you done any shows in the past and do youhave any recent shows or tours coming up?

. I have never performed as an artist. I have played basketball in front of lots of people but that's not the same. My first performance was at an open mic in my city on March 29th.

13. How do youdescribe your music to people?

. My music is real, it's about real things I have actually been through or things that I go through on a daily basis. If I can feel the beat and write to it instantly or get a flow in my head then that's when I know my fans will hear and feel everything I am saying on the track.

14.How would you define the word “success”?

The word success to me is a mindset. If you don't believe in yourself and believe that you can be successful then it will never happen. A lot of people think success is about money and materialistic things but that's not the case. When you have a tight knit circle of people you can trust and you all can believe in each other and motivate each other to do better then you are more successful than you think.

15. Are you looking for an independent label deal ormajor label deal? (Why)

To be honest I wouldn't mind being independent, but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to get a major deal either. Whatever I feel fits my journey best is what I will go with.

16. Have you created a career, marketing, orbusiness plan?

I am in the process of building my brand and creating a business plan. I am on my way to setting myself up to be the best artist I can be.