From Shanen Soltani Icely

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Each song is made with love and aims to cultivate that love. I love to compose, ever since I wrote my first piece in high school in 2006, I was hooked. Now I’m composing outside of my 9-5 job simply because I love to.

I really enjoy discovering new sounds and exploring the endless possibilities of sound that help me express my creativity.

I’ve come to realise it has given me so much more in return than I could have ever thought. By composing I have rest for my mind and soul.

My tracks have blessed me in times not only of restlessness where I literally couldn’t sleep, but also where I’ve needed hope, strength, comfort or peace. And my hope is that by sharing, they will also help you.

Please don't let my track titles ever determine your own. See what I think the real beauty of music is it can never be fully defined by one person, it is the unique and beautiful experiences to many that form the bigger picture.