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From Shane Byrns


Shane is a country boy through and through. Having grown up in southern Indiana, Shane now lives on his family’s ranch in Tampa, Florida, where he finds inspiration for his songs. He loves just about every style of music, but specializes in the alternative pop genre. Shane prides himself as a craftsman of words, using real-life experiences to tell both whimsical and heartfelt stories.

Along with his terrific storytelling, Shane is also a gifted musician. His skills are many; he is fluent in an amalgam of instruments such as drums, guitar, piano, vocals, and bass. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Songwriting from Visible Music College, where he spent time at both the Chicago and Memphis campuses. Drawing from his time in Chicago and Memphis, Shane embraces all forms of art.

Shane says: “I want to break into the industry and share life by creating and producing good music; shining a positive message to the world through melodies and lyrics that are relatable in real life and are just downright fun.”

Growing up in the Midwest had a huge influence on Shane’s life and writing. His ideal day includes an afternoon of four-wheeling with his family before settling down on the couch to watch Netflix, where he gleans new ideas for his stories. “God would speak to me in the quietness and I would just be in awe of his creation,” he explains. “The reason I write music is that I knew that God was going to use me to bless others with the music I created. I desire to see brokenness being made whole once again.”

With the release of his Back To Life EP, January 27th 2017, Shane is pleading the case for positivity and love. The album is a personal journey of redemption and finding one’s self, all while set the backdrop of Shane’s powerful hooks and compelling lyrics. Shane invites you to take the journey with him as he comes ‘Back to Life’.