From Scarth Locke

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"Scarth Locke is that rare specimen of a truly original artist: a keen observer and gifted alchemist who intelligently and soulfully synthesizes a unique blend of sounds and ideas that's much more than the sum of its parts. Scarth's secret sauce has some familiar flavors — the melodic hooks of pop and R&B, the edge and energy of indie rock, the groove sensibilities of funk and soul, the intimacy of the acoustic singer-songwriter, the musical inventiveness of jazz — but the strongest aromas are all his own. If it's comparisons you're after, Scarth's closest kin are those artists whose musical and lyrical breadth and depth defy genre pigeonholing: Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, David Byrne, Prince, Beck, the Beatles. Scarth isn't trying to sound like any of these artists; what he shares with them is his eclectic approach, deep musicality, diverse and probing poetry, and a true-to-life blend of rawness and sweetness. Listen to 'Intuition' and hear for yourself." --Earthville Music