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Brothers Chris and Jon Breen started Scarsic as a studio project in 2011 and wrote four songs which were released as a demo in an effort to gain fans and attract additional musicians to the project. Due to the initial lack of members, Chris performed all bass, guitar, and vocal tracks on the 2011 demo while Jon held down the percussion duties along with heavy influence over song arrangements. During most of 2012, Chris and Jon explored their options; writing new material and jamming with other musicians in their area (New Jersey). They briefly considered merging with another local band from Hoboken, but the two styles weren't compatible enough for such a venture. Then, in late 2012, Chris and Jon were joined by bassist Bill Loucas and they pushed forward with completing a full-length of new music. Bill added a unique sound to the band, incorporating a more distorted bass tone than was present on the 2011 demo. He also showcased some slap bass technique in particular songs which added a whole new dimension to the Scarsic style. They began recording their new material in the fall of 2013 in Chris and Jon's home studio. As with the demo, Chris performed the vocals and mixed/mastered the album. "A Tale of Two Worlds" is a noticeable expansion on the band's initial sound and highlights the diverse potential of each member.