S. Benjamin : This Machine Sings Grace

This Machine Sings Grace

S. Benjamin

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Two years ago today I released this little EP which represents my only official output of the last 10 years. It's still here and still free; if you haven't already, I encourage you to download it and take a listen. It felt, and still feels, like a bit of a "palate cleanser" for me; an opportunity after many years in the musical wilderness to get back to something simple: simple songs, simple instrumentation, simple release. It was a big deal for me to just finish it and get it out. I initially intended to follow it up within the year with a full length record in a similar vein, but as I worked on that record, the simple stripped down approach that I took on the EP didn't feel right... There was a distance between what I was hearing in my head and what I was putting to tape (or more accurately, to ones and zeros on a hard drive), and for whatever reason, I didn't feel like I could bridge that gap at the time in a way that felt honest or right.

Without making any promises, I will say that something's changed in the last few months; new routines, new environs, new challenges and new relationships seem to have shaken off some of the cobwebs and gifted me with a new creative wind and I am excited to be working on music again... I feel like I have a clear vision for what will shape my next project and while it's still in the incubation and exploration stage, I hope to have new music to share with you all before another two years have passed... All that to say, I have a feeling that what's coming next will be quite different in tone and scope, but will definitely bear the marks of all I learned on this project, which for all it's simplicity, I'm still quite proud of.

Keep your ears to the ground and your hearts on your sleeves!

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