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Ross King has been a full-time songwriter, performer, and producer since 1995. His songs have been recorded by over 100 different artists/churches, including Newsboys, Todd Agnew, Jimmy Needham, The Village Church, Carrollton, Jenny Simmons, OBB, The Austin Stone, Liberty University, Chris Tomlin, and many others. He has recorded several independent albums of his own music, and has made his money back on all of them. He has sold over 45,000 CD’s, and his songs and albums have been downloaded over 60,000 times. He currently provides for his family by doing several different things, including writing songs for Simpleville Music/Fair Trade Services, doing concerts, producing music at his recording studio, and leading worship at his church and on the road. His new record Unfettered released in May of 2015. Ross lives in the Bryan/College Station area with his wife, Staci, and their four children.