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Southern California natives Robert Jon & the Wreck, began their musical journey together in February 2011. Within the first 6 months of the birth of Robert Jon & the Wreck, they were out on the road for a 2 month national tour and released their debut album, Fire Started, which is a blues-heavy full-length album with a soft country feel and edgy classic-rock nuance. With two national tours under there belt playing from seattle, to Boston, to South Carolina, and everything in between the guys in Robert Jon & the Wreck, have seen the nation and have shared the stage with amazing acts. The bands nomination for “Best Live Band” in 2012 and making it to the Final round for the Orange County Music Awards, only helped them spring forward. They won’t be stopping anytime soon. The Band will be writing and recording at the first of the year for there second album, so keep your eyes and ears open. “Fire Started” is available on iTunes.