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Nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter and vlogger Rebecca Black, catapulted to international stardom after her 2011 viral single “Friday." The teen sensation is back in the studio, with her first album due out this fall. And while she became a household name when she was just 13-years-old, that was just the beginning of her story.

Rebecca’s music video for “Friday” was shared and viewed by hundreds of millions of people, and became the fastest growing viral video, ranking No. 1 on YouTube in 2011. It was that song that was stuck in the heads of millions. During thatsame year, Rebecca's positive attitude and charismatic personality landed her the title of Choice Web Star at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Rebecca has spent the last six years writing, creating and producing content for her sophisticated digital audience - including over 1 million YouTube subscribers - sharing her thoughts on music, beauty, travel and more. She produces them herself and is always finding creative ways to engage, entertain and drop some knowledge on her fans. Her journey hasn’t always been easy or smooth, but Rebecca, armed with belief in her own abilities, recognized her opportunities and used her skills, smarts and creative prowess to tell stories from her unique perspective. Her message is one of self-confidence, strength and believing in yourself - something she’s keen to share with her community. When she’s not writing or recording, Rebecca likes to hang out with Sophie, her three-legged rescue cat. She also appeared in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” video and her song “Friday” has been covered by various celebs including the cast of “Glee” and Justin Bieber. And while six years ago, Rebecca may have been thrust into the spotlight and not sure what to do with the attention, she is 5 years older and wiser and excited to get in the driver's seat andshare her music and herself with the world on her terms.