From Ras Linga

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Born on an Island of the Philippines who moved to Chicago at the age of 9. A producer, audio engineer and a traveling reggae artist on the rise! Ras had the pleasure sharing the stage with Jedi Mind Tricks 2010, Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah at Springfield Hempfest 2011 back again with The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy and Cas Haley 2012. Aaradhna, Kava Kreation, New Kingston, Hirie, Kush County, Gonzo with Beyond I Sight and Stranger Band 2013. J Boog, Fortunate Youth, True Press, Natural Vibrations, Tatanka, Sister Carol and Yellowman 2014. Common Kings, Tribal Theory, Big Mountain and Arise Roots 2015.


Ras Linga riding the wave of independent glory - by Biko Kennedy

Very few artists are offered major label recording deals these days and even fewer turn them down to pursue an independent route to success. But Ras Linga decided to pursue the latter and shares with us in this in-depth interview his steady growth as an artist.-