Rancid Abomination : The Bleeding (2003)

The Bleeding (2003)

Rancid Abomination

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Rancid Abomination

Metal : Metal

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Desaster, Summoning, Naglfar, Dissection, Impaled Nazarene


Boston, MA


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This is a cd Rancid Abomination did in 2003. It's the last full cd I own by rancid abomination's old period from 2001-2006. Thanks to hard drive failures and worse I lost a TON of Ra cd's... This cd is a good one. It's almost as good as eternal hate and pestilence. Has some awesome songs like the title track, winter of souls and blackness devoured me... Unfrotunately this is the last one From the old period I can get back. The rest after this are all lost forever.