Rachel Taylor : Heartbreak Is For Everyone

Heartbreak Is For Everyone

Rachel Taylor

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Through her love for the art of songwriting, she explores the intimate and challenging portions of her own journey, believing that transparency and revealing what she would rather hide, is the most universal. The result is a beautiful, vulnerable and poignant reflection of human connection.Rachel Taylor’s release “Heartbreak is for Everyone”, produced by Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, is what she believes to be her best work yet. Vocals reminiscent of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, are what sets this compilation of sultry, haunting and yet familiar songs apart. It’s soaring melodies, combined with profound lyrics and vocals are resonating with her rapidly growing audience. The EP, "Heartbreak Is For Everyone" written by Rachel Taylor, Produced, engineered and mixed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Peter Hayes. Co-produced by Dan Russell. Production Assistance by Jesse Russell.

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