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Launched in 2014, Sara Waber and Chris Pizzolo started an online music blog that showcases emerging artists. Their background in video production and passion for music helped make Play Too Much possible. The music blog officially started on a noisy Saturday night at a crowded bar in the Bronx when the duo filmed a local band's gorgeous rendition of The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”.

Since that night nearly two years ago, Play Too Much has worked with some of the hardest working musicians across all genres and has collaborated with prominent national brands to create beautiful session videos. These collaborations help give emerging musicians a platform to be seen and heard.

In addition to creating original videos Play Too Much also curates original podcasts, articles, and live events in and around New York City. Their most notable series, The Field Trip, is a fully immersive experience that brings NYC based artists out of the busy city for a weekend of recordings in unusual spaces.

This compilation is a collection of our favorite moments over the last two years that showcase some of the nation’s best talent and most beautiful spaces. The music you are listening to has been recorded in churches, Brooklyn lofts, and even a science museum.