Penny and Sparrow : Struggle Pretty

Struggle Pretty

Penny and Sparrow

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Struggle Pretty”, released Spring 2014, is the latest album by Penny & Sparrow.The album was written and recorded inside the East Austin house that Andy and Kyle, along with their wives, lived in together. “Struggle Pretty” is vast with instrumentation and creativity, while still staying true to the harmony - centric roots found in “Creature” a nd “Tenboom.” Kyle and Andy teamed up with producer Chris Jacobie for the album, who helped capture the spirit and sound of the duo. From the somber “to haunt, to startle,” to the sweeping “Bread and Bleeding,” each song has its own voice within the album . The team began the recording process in September 2013, and finished late February 2014.

New album, "Let A Lover Drown You", out 3/11 and available for pre-order now!:

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