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Singer/songwriter Patrick Joseph is no stranger to releasing stellar records. The release of two award-winning LPs, a couple of EPs and enough songs to accompany your afternoon drive have earned him the much sought-after independent success that most songwriters strive for. Amidst a busy touring schedule that has brought him to some of the top festivals around the globe and releases that introduced him to the airwaves and to film & television soundtracks, Joseph is back again with his latest LP 'Hindsight.'

'Hindsight' is a collection of Patrick Joseph’s finest work to date, combining his latest singles with alt-takes, remixes & remasters of old favorites that come together as one singularly superb collection of music. Hindsight is a must-have for any fan of Patrick Joseph's work, and the perfect introduction for the music connoisseur who is discovering him for the very first time.

Expected release: November 22, 2016. Own for free before its official release exclusively here on