Park Church Music : There Is A Throne (Songs From The Book of Revelation)

There Is A Throne (Songs From The Book of Revelation)

Park Church Music

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In the fall of 2014, we started studying the book of Revelation as a church. As a part of that study, we invited some of our songwriters to go up to a cabin for a weekend, immerse themselves in the book and write songs that we could invite others to sing along with us. As we studied, we were marked deeply by the truths in this book: That there is a throne and one who is seated on the throne. That there is a Lamb who was slain for us and will come again doing away with all injustice. There is a beautiful city that is coming to earth and every tear will be wiped away. We couldn’t help but respond to these truths in song! We wrote both original songs as well as re-tuned some older hymns that captured some of the imagery found in John’s revelation. We hope this album is a helpful companion to the book as well as to your spiritual journey. May it put beautiful words in your mouth, and may your heart and imagination be captured today by the same vision of the Triune God that captured John’s heart on Patmos island years ago.

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