Heathen : Shoe Box Project EP

Shoe Box Project EP


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James Miller - He’s hungry…but not for the delicacies that can be found in the 101 chicken shacks across the crime filled streets of Newark, New Jersey where he was born and raised. He is hungry to do what he loves and that is make music for the people. He wants to nourish the souls of young and old, black, white and purple, rich and poor, male and female and all those in between. He doesn’t want to do it through glamorizing the hood and perils of street life, but does want to be the Voice of the Streets. He has never been shot or sold drugs but understands and lived in the ghetto. He has had to live the dark life to put food in his mouth and make a dollar. He has the hustler ambition and his musical dexterity will give you a real pleasure and small insight into his tale from the gutter. Always in control, always grinding, staying focused with heart and a conscious effort for your listening pleasure.

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