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Truth-seeking and soul-searching describe the heart and sound of the music composed by Portland, Oregon-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Novosti. After the breakout of his freshman release, This Moment, with songs featured on ABC’s Missing and One Tree Hill, Novosti took time refine his sound, resulting in his latest and more sonically ambitious effort Love & Lashes (produced by Drew Grow). The album is rooted in themes of honesty and vulnerability, Novosti discloses, “it is an album of self-doubt, tried love, and the wounds only someone who knows you can leave. It’s about letting go of things outside of your control, the hope of someone being everything you want and longing for a refuge where you feel safe to be vulnerable,”

As an artist, Novosti subscribes to progressive philosophies with nostalgic ideals believing in an appeal to deep emotion and personal honesty. Sonically, he “loves songs with thick drum pockets, with push & pull instrumentation; with conviction,” he declares. “I love music that looks you in the eyes - music that’s personal. I think of myself as someone that can better define my fingerprints on art by living in both the visual and sonic worlds – and sometimes sounds represent almost tangible colors and textures.”