Northern Nights : Let Me Go

Let Me Go

Northern Nights

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WE ARE NORTHERN NIGHTS. We are four friends who came together to make music; country music. OUR HOME. Indiana is and always will be our home, no matter where this wild road takes us. It is where Northern Nights first began and where we all found our love for music. OUR MUSIC. Some of us found this love listening to the radio and playing in our churches, and some of us found it standing in the front row at a sold-out concert. Whatever it was for each of us, this group has been a long time in the making. OUR BEGINNING. When we started playing together in 2011, we knew that we had something that could defy the boundaries of country music. Since then, we have worked tirelessly in order to create and perfect our unique sound. OUR FUTURE. In 2012 we began working on our very first EP at Grizzly Music Company in Indy. We look forward to the full release later this year, but couldn't wait to give you a preview of one of the tracks. We hope you enjoy the first single, "Let Me Go."

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