Mysteria Mortis : Our time 2016

Our time 2016

Mysteria Mortis

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We glad present to you new full album of Russian MDM Folk metal band "Mysteria Mortis". This amazing new work combines several musical styles of metal like: speed, black, epic, mdm, which combination creates a unique and distinctive sound of this powerful band.The musicians have clearly succeeded in creating a powerful and authentic sound, and the voice of the vocalist (modern Valkyrie Annette) adds to the music even more originality and charm, giving to the album a certain erotic piquancy. If YOU are really looking for a breath of fresh air in the folk metal direction, you should purchase a new CD "Our Time" from Mysteria Mortis. YOU will definitely find here something new, like this, as it would seem, already footworn along and across the folk metal style. And the inexhaustible energy of this album will not leave indifferent anyone!

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