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Spoken Words and the Word Thats Spoken is a compilation album containing tracks from Mike Rathke and spoken word poet—James Kenneth Blaylock, from Dallas Texas. The album is a refreshing journey of music and spoken word poetry that captures and engages the listener from start to finish. Each track is a window into another place in time and offers a glimpse into a story, memory, or dream that the listener is invited to take part in. Every topic is open for contemplation—from light-hearted childhood memories (Bigfoot and Buried Treasure) to childhood ponderings about the location of God (A Child Wonders).

Mike and James invite you to sample the album here for free. The FULL ALBUM contains 13 tracks and is available on iTunes, Amazon, emusic, and other online stores! All tracks were tenderly recorded and prepared with love in Mike Rathke's personal studio on a shoestring budget. Your purchase of the full album will help fund future albums.

Thanks for your support and God bless!