Michelle Rose Wendler : Southern Sessions

Southern Sessions

Michelle Rose Wendler

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Michelle Rose Wendler

Instrumental : Classical

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Debussy, Ravel, The Piano Guys, Fernando Ortega, John Williams


Los Angeles

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Birthed from an eclectic mix of experiences and emotions, Southern Sessions combines classical training and a light-hearted tone in a playful mix written and recorded in May 2016 at the Alumni Chapel of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The lead track is an arrangement of one of Michelle's and Carlan's most beloved hymns - a family favorite for Michelle as she is related to Frederick Lehman and the processional at their wedding. "Simplicity" is intended as a meandering lullaby on an unexpected but pleasant trail. "On A String" is the story of a young boy waking up to a blustery autumn day and finding more than just perfect kite weather while "Message In A Melody" is full of hidden notes from a newlywed bride and her groom. Try to catch the main theme, Carlan's name written musically. The melody for "Blessed" was actually composed by Carlan and came out of the couple's joint study of the Beatitudes from Christ's incomparable Sermon on the Mount.

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