Matthew Parker : Breathing in Mercy - Single

Breathing in Mercy - Single

Matthew Parker

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Matthew Parker

Electronic : Electronica

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TobyMac, Owl City, Skrillex, Capital Kings, Lorde


Jackson, Mi

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"Breathing in Mercy" by Matthew Parker & Shaping The Silence

Ok, so a while back I (Matthew Parker) came into contact with these two guys who also make music who live relatively close to me in comparison to all the other music people I know from around the world. Their names are Jared and Ryan, and they make music together under the name "Shaping the Silence".What happened is this. We were talking a while back and thought it would be awesomely fantastic if we could get together and actually make some music in person, instead of just collaborating on the internet (which is still awesome, just not as awesome). So we managed to plan a time and make it happen. I drove 2 hours that afternoon up to Grand Rapids, where they both live (15 minutes from each other), and we got to work. Of course, first thing we had to do was go to Meijer and get some snacks for the long night ahead of us. We stocked up on snacks and our must-have caffeine products (yes, I know, terribly unhealthy....I almost felt guilty, but then I didn't). I got a Rockstar and some combos. ANYWAY....we got back to Jared's house and set up the evil lair in his room (the bed was all cleared away and we had loads of space), so I set up my new computer (which Jared had built for me a while back, by the way). We had plans to try to create a FULL track in the time that we had, so that we'd have something worthwhile to take away from it. I began the track on my computer, since I had a little idea in my mind of some lyrics and the basic idea of the track, so we got to work.Later on in the night, Jared got his fog machine out and filled up the whole room with (probably way too much) fog, and we commenced the dance partying. ;) We stayed up until about 7 in the morning (thank you, caffeine!) working on the track, and then got up at 11 again and after eating breakfast and hanging out some, we headed back downstairs to the man-cave-studio-AKA-Jared's-room, and did a little bit more finishing touches on the song.In the end, we had all contributed a fair amount to the track. The STS guys are especially good at doing orchestral sounds, so keep your ears open for those. And Jared actually did some vocals along with me, so that was exciting, since I rarely get to work with other peoples' vocals right alongside mine. We were quite satisfied with what we had accomplished in that less-than-24-hour period, and we hope you like it too! When it was all done that Saturday afternoon, I headed back home. But later, we were all talking on facebook and saying we should totally do it again! We'll see what comes of that. WE HAD A BLAST!!We hope you will truly enjoy the song!!

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