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Luke Wilmoth is an indie rock artist hailing from Lakeland, FL.

Luke Wilmoth's foray into music began at the age of 4, when his family received an upright piano as a gift from another family. After some tinkering and fascination with the instrument, his mother signed him up for piano lessons and soon enough, Luke was learning songs by ear on both piano and guitar. It wasn't until his freshman year at high school, however, that he discovered music was main passion. Luke began establishing himself in the Lakeland scene in high school as a jazz pianist and performing regularly around the area as both a sideman and bandleader, eventually becoming the recipient of numerous jazz awards and a finalist in multiple jazz competitions.

Aside from being well-versed in jazz, however, Luke's main focus is as a singer-songwriter and emerged onto the scene as an indie rock artist in college. Fusing the organic simplicity of folk, the rich harmonic content and lyricism of jazz, and the energy of alternative rock, Luke Wilmoth draws from an eclectic mix of influences and combines them to form an accessible vehicle in which anyone can sit down and enjoy an evening listening to.