Lovecoast : The Floor

The Floor


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Almost two years removed from their Chasing Tides EP, Canadian West Coast indie pop outfit Lovecoast released their latest single "The Floor" in April 2016, followed shortly thereafter by a high energy, dance driven music video. Directed and edited by Raymond Knight, the video shows the band delivering their soul-influenced pop stylings to an audience who remain reserved. Typical these days is it to see a sea of concert goers on their cell phones, or fifteen steps back from the stage. Lovecoast simply won't stand for it anymore. After some encouragement by vocalist Danielle Sweeney, the crowd finds their feet and get lost in the song's infectious groove while busting a few moves of their own, the way a good dance party should be. If you like "The Floor" keep an eye on Lovecoast as their debut LP is set for release in 2017!

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