LONE gROOVER : Slavery of the human

Slavery of the human


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Branded in flames

Silver streak pierce the heavens

Saintly sign silver winged raven

Appearing skyward subjected fears

Invasion expected traversing years

Crashing down upon human frailty

Governmental insecurity sold humanity

Trinket and beads exchanged in greed

Cattle farming to see the human bleed

Herd the human gene into the coral

Mill in confusion sound the death knell

Branded in flames satanically marked

Tattooed prisoner of war stills the heart

Death in silent repose

Lays grave a blooded black rose

Laughter still unbind the mind

Truth inherent subjective reasoning find

Words have power to unwrap

Gifted reasons exposing the human trap

Steel teeth locked upon the skin

Depicting slavery of the human

Demands dictated a feeding frenzy

Human remains decorate bloody

Tabled motions of alien design

To sip blood red wine

Agenda confusion translated in haste

Xenophobia apparent with distaste

Reign the all devouring alien beast

Product defined human meat to release

Stacked and wrapped to consume

Horrific snuff movies filmed in blooded rooms

Child abductees lined to die

Are trinkets and beads worth the crime

© Copyright 2012 Gareth Dewick