Kris Orlowski : As We Take to the Road

As We Take to the Road

Kris Orlowski

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Kris Orlowski

Singer/Songwriter : Indie

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George Ezra, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ryan Adams



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Though I call both Bellingham and Seattle home, I get restless if I’m in one spot too long -- shifting from town-to-town, meeting new folks, and trying out a variety of lifestyles. I’ve noticed the songs I write reflect those experiences and take-on lifestyles of their own. After eight years of traveling and performing, the songs have gone on their own tour, from an intimate telling at a Polish pub, to a grand performance in a world class theater backed by a seventeen piece orchestra. I’ve enjoyed the raw, amplified sounds of our five-piece band, and the added emotional depth and cinema of the quartet or orchestra with any given show. As we march into the New Year, the band remains focused on the evolution of the song. There is a new spirit to our vantage as we approach the creation of a full length album. While I still hear collective notes of hope, reflection and discovery, there seems to be a shift, another voice emerging – one that grows louder as we take to the road.

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