From Kirstie Lovelady

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Some call it Country. Some call it Rock. You can just call it Kirstie Lovelady. Kirstie is 5’2’’ of explosive dynamite that detonates with each performance. Cutting her teeth on Country’s bad boys like Johnny Cash and heroes of Classic Rock like Aerosmith, Kirstie brings a Rock show to the Country stage. She also brings with her an arsenal of original songs that will get you fired up or will hit you straight in the heart. Her live show amplifies the authenticity of her music, as her lyrics are both raw and relatable. As a native of Nashville, Kirstie grew up close to the music business watching artists like Little Big Town and Shelly Fairchild earn their stripes and is now making her own mark on the industry. Kirstie isn’t trying to get her foot in the door; she’s kicking the door off the hinges.