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Constantly trying to perfect the art of sharing songs that have substance and strong lyrics behind them, Kevin Stokley shared with us some details on his upcoming single "HURT".

"I love when you hear a song that makes you feel something", says Stokley. "But what we're lacking in most music genres these days is the ability to hear a story through what our body is telling us sounds good. Does it make me think something as well? "HURT" has such a presence of emotion from the first line until the song fades out. It's about a relationship and the lingering struggle of moving on, but you could apply that to any situation. It's a very personal song for me".

As a fan of songs with substance, Kevin Stokley has already proved that he isn't afraid to tip the scales of the genre. "American Car", released last Fall, was not a typical Stokley release. It has been described as an 'L.A. production' coming from a Singer-Songwriter with Country root influences. "For me, it's not about whether there's enough banjo or steel guitar. If the song carries an emotion and hits you, that's what matters".

Kevin's brand new single "HURT" is available everywhere digitally March 17th.