From Kevin Aleksander

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Kevin Odnoralov (aka Kevin Aleksander) found a love for dance music when he was a teenager. Growing up among a family of musicians, he has played piano for a large portion of his life and picked up music production at 15 years of age. Watching and learning from the best DJs and producers, Kevin began to grow in his craft and is now becoming known as a “rising” dance music producer. His passion is to have his music not only captivate the hearts of his listeners, but to also cause them to reflect on their faith and higher purposes in life.

Kevin is a guy thats on a journey seeking the sound of Love. A man on the narrow path climbing up the mountain of the Author of Life and music. A son, thats being rooted firmly into the True Vine. A broken soul, in need of a savior, a healer, and a friend. A part of the pure and expanding Bride, that is awaiting the arrival of the Bridegroom with great anticipation.