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Portland-born Kaitlin Riegel first discovered her talents for singing and songwriting at the age of 10, honing her skills by performing at a local coffee shop in Massachusetts before moving with her family from the United States to Auckland, New Zealand at 12 years old.

The sudden shift in environments and cultures lent itself to the formation of her alternative-contemporary sound, and after years of developing her unique style, she pushed her international experience further by recording her first EP in Berlin,

with Australian producer Simon Berkelman (Art vs science, Wolfmother, Temper Trap etc).

After performing at the 2014 MUSEXPO in Los Angeles, Kaitlin began working on her new material and enlisted the help of Moshi Moshi Records (known for Hot Chip, Bloc Party, Florence and The Machine, Kate Nash etc), and folktronica artist and producer James Yuill.

Together, in London, they recorded Kaitlin's sensational new single "System," with the B side "When I Fall Asleep," for her second EP "System," out February 10th 2014. "System" effortlessly fuses together Kaitlin's background in classical music and jazz with contemporary R&B phrasing and catchy vocal hooks. The B side, "When I Fall Asleep," is an all-together more stripped down affair, as soft yet unwavering piano chords, laced with atmospherics, provide a canvas for Kaitlin's honest and revealing vocal performance.

The release acts as perfect introduction to Kaitlin's new material and outlines her sonic ambition for those only just joining her on the journey.