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Worship leader & Artist.These two labels perfectly describe the music and message of Jordan Connell. When asked about his music Jordan replied: "Like all musicians, I sing about what I think is important. I exalt what I think is valuable."

Connell's debut album titled (Everything Everlasting) released in April of 2012. It's an album dedicated to the promises of God. Jordan's music has a way of taking you out of the finite and into the infinite, it takes you on a journey. It is evident in his songs that Jordan loves spending time with Jesus, and sharing Him with the world.

At 24, Jordan is the Worship Arts Director at Mosaic Church Charlotte. He has had the opportunity to lead worship all over the U.S. opening for artists such as: Phil Wickham & Royal Tailor. At the core of it all, Jordan has a passion for presnence of God, and taking people there.