dj junglehaus (JNGLHAUS)

dj junglehaus (JNGLHAUS)

dj junglehaus (JNGLHAUS)


For Fans Of

G House, Nu Disco, Gorgon City, Hannah Wants, What So Not




USA & Canada: 720.933.5445

AUS & NZ: 0451.227.471


After a heavy night on the beers, jünglehaus sought solace in the coastal tropics of Australia immersing himself in a local funky fresh fitness sound that he learned to harness through the power of turntables and belief that the club is no place for your Macbook Pro. After performing sketchy underground venues in China, Muay Thai fight clubs in Bangkok and a few house parties in Malaysia, jünglehaus returned to his hometown of Denver where he enjoys throwing the night Safari Fridays at Vine Street Pub bringing together a group of friends for good times, good drinks, and good fortunes. The lure of a magical cocktail bar where drinks pour freely and the music thumps satisfyingly brought jünglehaus to Crush Lounge where he enjoys a residency playing Crøøklyn Nights.