Jeffrey Philip Nelson

Singer/Songwriter : Americana

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Clem Snide, Bahamas, Ryan Adams, M Ward, Damien Rice


San Pedro, CA

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Pen is Jeffrey's sixth record and aligns with the likes of Nick Drake, Damien Rice, and Bahama's. The record was produced between December 2013 and March 2014 in a studio in Redondo Beach. The studio was built by microphones, hardware, and blistered hands. The studio became a place of escape and creativity for Jeffrey as he wrote and produced the songs for this album while becoming a first time father. His sole motivation for this album was to write memorable songs that would be best digested with a long drive or a cocktail by the fire. This production is Jeffrey's proudest thus far because its songs and melodies truly tell his story. From sadness to love, he bares all.

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