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Jay-Is-Real (James Horn) is a Christian Hip-hop artist and singer/songwriter who hails from Philadelphia PA. He Accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart at the tender age of 6 in a local bible program. He grew up in a Christian home with his mother Rhonda, father James Sr. (or Rev. Horn), five sisters and two brothers. James Love for music began at age four when he taught himself how to play the organ and piano. He eventually picked up the harmonica and begin singing with his family in church. By age 12, James began writing songs, and at age 15 he began writing poetry and R&B songs about his then girlfriend, and eventually started recording pop-worship and hip-hop based Christian music in his home. In May of 2012, he dropped his first #SWAGG.

Throughout most of high school, Jay often felt that something was missing in his life. Despite his popularity, high gpa, athleticism, and musical talents, he felt empty. In eleventh grade he began watching porn and attempted to commit suicide multiple times. He would continue on with his struggles for the next two years. In February of 2013, James had an encounter with God on the annual Maranatha winter retreat for youth. After discussing it with a close friend rededicated his life to God. “I was at a point in my life where I was finally realizing I wasn’t satisfied and God really broke me” said James in a conversation. “I was ready to fully surrender and be used by him”. After rededicating his life to Christ, Jay began to change his music into a more relatable and transparent style that teens and adults alike could relate to. His lyrics often cry out to God, discuss his sexual temptations, bring up social issues and call on others to present the Gospel to the hurting. On March 1rst, 2014 James released his first studio project “Here I Am”, which featured Roderick “Big Rod” Hawkins of Texas, Cheers beats, and his brother and group affiliate Jerich0. As he moves forward in his carrier and prepares to headline his first tour this summer, he wants to let youth know that its ok to struggle, and that you don’t have to suffer alone. He hopes in his music to not only be transparent and loving, but also to spread the gospel of Christ and point people to the ultimate hope, Jesus. In addition to him music ministry, James is a freshman at Messiah College in Mechanichsburg, PA. He is studying Biblical and Religious Studies and minoring in youth ministry. He hopes to enter seminary after graduation. His life goals are to become a full time musician and a youth pastor.