Jars Of Clay / MPJ / LEAGUES : Jars of Clay Spring Tour 2012 Sampler

Jars of Clay Spring Tour 2012 Sampler

Jars Of Clay / MPJ / LEAGUES

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Jars Of Clay / MPJ / LEAGUES

Alternative : Folk Rock

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Jars of Clay, Matthew Perryman Jones, Leagues


Nashville, TN

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Jars of Clay is pleased to have both Matthew Perryman Jones and LEAGUES join them on their highly anticipated spring 2012 tour. All tour dates can be found at www.jarsofclay.com/tour In honor of this run together, we're offering a sampler with two songs from each artist, with all tips benefiting our friends at Blood:water. Blood:Water MIssion is a grassroots organization empowering communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and Water crises in Africa. Blood:Water Mission began in 2005 as a call to personalize the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. After funding a late stage AIDS hospice and discovering the vital link between living with HIV/AIDS and the need for clean, safe water, Blood:Water launched nation-wide effort to provide clean water and sanitation to 1000 communities in sub-Saharan Africa based on the equation that $1 provides one African with clean water for an entire year. For more information and to get involved, visit www.bloodwatermission.com

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