Jake Vroon : Broken City

Broken City

Jake Vroon

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After writing and recording his debut album 'On to California', a collection of songs about travel and being young, Jake Vroon began writing for his second full length album entitled 'Broken City'. After writing a majority of the songs on the album, Jake tested them live in mostly acoustic settings, never hearing what a full band would sound like until recording them in a studio with his friend and engineer Mike Arnoult (http://www.mikearnoult.com/#recording). Along with Mike and 10 other incredible musicians, 'Broken City' began to grow. 'Broken City' is an Album that covers a wide variety of styles and sounds. Originally influenced by the feel of nighttime in a big city, 'Broken City' is great album for both cruising with the windows down on a summer evening or staying home on a rainy Friday night. There is definitely a difference between Jake's first album 'On to California' and the songwriting of 'Broken City'. With 'Broken City' you get a more mature sound filled with stories and feelings about being alone in places that are heavily populated.

Please enjoy 'Broken City' and give it your honest ear!

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