From Jake Vroon

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Upon moving to Nashville from his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jake Vroon began to write and record his first album with engineer and friend Mike Arnoult. Vroon's first album 'On to California' is a mix of smooth rock and laid back folk that embodies packing up your stuff and moving on to an adventure but never forgetting where you come from. With Vroon's second album entitled 'Broken City' there comes a more mature songwriter with new stories and adventures. 'Broken City' evokes a feeling of walking down a big city street at night, a feeling that is alone yet surrounded by so many other moving pieces and life forms. Jake continues to live and write music in Nashville, TN. Vroon views music as a feeling and something we are gifted with. He wants you to give an honest ear to his music, if you like it then share it with friends and loved ones. Vroon's dream is to provide some sort of feeling and moment of happiness for his listeners.