Jacob Montague : All Creatures - Volume One

All Creatures - Volume One

Jacob Montague

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Jacob Montague

Alternative : Indie

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Alt-J, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Yann Tiersen, Gungor


San Francisco

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Etherial and rhythmic, organic and industrial, symphonic and electric..each musical moment of "All Creatures - Volume One" is carefully knit with paradox and simplicity, tension and release.. These original and reimagined Psalms, often sung through gritted teeth, satisfy an often overlooked realm of hymns and spirituals, expertly blending the simplest of Biblical laments and exultation with dramatically complex musical compositions, so characteristic of the growing discography of Jacob Montague.

In the vein of Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens, the lyrical and melodic themes of "All Creatures - Volume One" seamlessly bridge the seemingly expansive gap between acoustic and synthetic instrumentation, carving out choruses composed of trombone and electric piano, flute and synthesizer, swelling vocal chorales and minimized digital textures ...

This simultaneously gloomy and uplifting collection of dynamic hymnic meditations is not just another composition to be casually heard and tragically buried in a sea of downloaded albums. It is to be sincerely felt, and thoroughly enjoyed as a holistically unique addition to your music library.

These songs are capable of doing something very special within you.

Let them.

- Tyler Madsen, Branches

"All Creatures" is a marriage of disparate feelings: of praise for creation and of despair for destruction. This is also a marriage of unlikely sounds - wind instruments with electronic synth, mandolin with percussion samples - this kind of tinkering orchestration is Jacob's strength. Each song is a narrative unto itself, with a wide and complex range of emotional and aural frequencies. No sound is filler, and no one instrument dominates. Somehow Jacob weaves together a smooth patchwork quilt, with slightly frayed and jagged edges.

- Natalie So, my daily toast

Read her entire review here: http://nataliesophoto.blogspot.com/2014/02/jacob-montague-all-creatures.html

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