Homicidal Hammerfist

Homicidal Hammerfist

Boston, MA

For Fans Of

Manticora, Persuader, Rancid Abomination, Dimmu Borgir, Summoning



Homicidal Hammerfist is a Blackened Power Metal band From Boston that only does Instrumentals.

It mixes underground extreme power metal (not stuff like helloween) with Black Metal to create a really dark sound that has elements of both. Add weird, nonsensical, bizarre, and even disturbing/gross song titles in and you get a very different animal from any other power metal band out there....

Production is decent at best. Don't be fooled. It is mixed with the singers PC.. So if you like dark power metal like manticora or persuader, check it out...


Z.A.. - Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Bass

K.S. - Rhythm Guitar

P. F. - Drums (drum machine only)

D.R. - Lead Guitar 2


Power Metal - Early Blind Guardian (before they got really symphonic), Persuader, Manticora, Wintersun

Black Metal - Rancid Abomination, Naglfar, Satariel, Dissection, Old Mans Child, Dimmu Borgir, etc

Folk Metal (only on intros and outros) - Ensiferum, Korpiklaani