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Taking influence from artists such as Elliott Smith, William Fitzsimmons, Iron and Wine, and Bright Eyes, Hey, Sleeper songs centre on simple chords, with a focus on thoughtful, rarely-rhyming lyrics and memorable vocal melodies.

Sometimes a solo affair, and sometimes surrounded by other musicians, Hey, Sleeper shows have been played across England in the last three years. Early demos also attracted the attention of 'Pickup' magazine, naming Hey, Sleeper as the best acoustic artist in their annual Unsigned Awards. With a growing following, hundreds downloaded the online release of the 2012 EP 'We Fell Asleep in Winter, and Woke Up in June'. Thanks to radio airplay on BBC Introducing (‘Done Deal’ + ‘I Am Not Yours’) and inclusion on music blogs and sites including LargeHeartedBoy, Youth & Hysteria and Sound of Confusion, the songs are gaining attention both in the UK and across the pond. The latest EP ‘Gone For Ten Fingers’ was recorded in a loft in Northamptonshire and released on BandCamp during September over five consecutive days.