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Homeless Balloon’s music is ambient chill mixed with electronica, film music and acoustic. It's the music project of Norwegian composer and sound designer Helge Krabye. He has composed original music for television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects since the beginning of the 90's. He learned to play violin as a kid, and he now loves to perform on acoustic and electric guitar, MiniMoog Voyager, Alembic electric bass, MetaSynth and the great Prophet 6 synthesizer as well as Elektron's Analog Rytm. Homeless Balloon has released six audio CD's with Digipak sleeves, and all albums are also available at CDBaby, iTunes, Emusic, Spotify, Amazon etc. In October 2012 the first in a series of digital EP's was released, with the title "Dream Away". In May 2013 the second EP was released, titled "Moog On The Dance Floor". In January 2016 "African Dream" was released, and several more EP's have been released since then, in the so-called "Wings" -Series of EP's. They are all available here.